04/ 22/ 2016

The Day Music Died: Prince is Dead.

I’ve spent the last day trying to wrap my head around the following: Prince is dead.  Prince the man, the legend,  the symbol,  the giver of ultimate shade is no longer on this earth. The part of me that believed he would live forever… is heartbroken did he not remember that he was supposed to play at my 40th birthday. 

Growing up, I had two constants in life: books and music. On those days when I felt alone in growth angst, outcasted by my weirdness, and rejected by society…I had my room, a hundred books, and good music to make me feel like I was normal and understood. Prince was a part of my growth, part of my self acceptance.

From every aspect, his music was amazing. He was talented beyond belief. But his impact on my life was beyond teaching me to party like it’s “1999” .  He embodied the motto of my generation:  we don’t give a fuck, we just want to be. He was our prime example of how to be YOU to the next level and now he’s no longer here I’m sad for the future generations that won’t have him.

I know the world is feeling the loss of his life.  Today I wanted to remember Prince by highlighting his best IDGAF moments were he inspired all of us to be unapologetically ourselves.


IDGAF Moment # 1

He became a symbol. Yes, it was his way to stick it to the labels. Yes, it was the most epic way to transform yourself.

Prince Symbol



He wore a scarf  on his head during a national performance.  Proving once again that protecting your hair is most important.




He represented for books, albums, and Black lives.

Rest In Power Prince.


Cyn Martinez
Writer| Pretty Person | Activist | Cupcake Hoarder

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